Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in Schools?

Many schools operate within a zero tolerance policy. While this phenomena conveys face validity, presenting school safety and zero tolerance for disruptive and undesirable behaviors, the underlying bias reveals a threat to students who are overwhelmingly faced with mental health concerns and behavioral disabilities.

My First Lobbying Experience: Mental Health and Criminal Justice Reform

In an effort to better understand the role of mental health in multicultural communities, I attended a Lobby Day as a part of Black History Month. Because I have not lobbied before, I was not completely sure what to expect in attending this event, however, this experience showed me the importance of lobbying for change.

How State Superintendent Tony Evers' Budget Request Positively Impacts Youth Mental Health

...Van Pelt says this request also takes the necessary steps to improve the ability of school faculty to identify and ensure that children with mental health conditions are connected to the proper resources.