Recognizing the Signs of Suicide and How to Help

September is suicide prevention month. The majority of people who struggle with suicidal thoughts suffer from diagnosable mental illnesses that, while serious, are treatable. Here, we identify steps that can be taken to help others who may be struggling.

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Co-Occurring Disorders: Anxiety Disorders and Alcohol Use Disorder

Anxiety disorders and alcohol abuse often occur together in the same individual. This co-occurrence is referred to as dual-diagnosis. Anxiety can be the reason many people resort to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. People may also experience increased levels of anxiety during and after consuming alcohol. Those with an anxiety disorder are two to three times more likely to have an alcohol or other substance abuse disorder at some point in their lives, compared to the general population.

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NAMI Accounting
Governor-elect Tony Evers Answers Our Key Mental Health Questions

After the results of the Wisconsin Primary Elections were announced on August 14th, we invited all winning candidates serving Dane County to respond to five questions aimed at addressing candidates’ stances on several key mental health issues: early intervention, access to care, decriminalization of mental illness, Medicaid, and housing. 

Now Governor-elect Tony Evers was the only primary election winner to provide NAMI Dane County* with a response in August.

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