Federal Health Reform Update

The White House has signed an executive order that would make significant changes to mental health coverage. Meanwhile, congressional leaders are working toward reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and have forged a tentative bipartisan agreement to stabilize the insurance markets.

How to Help Someone in Crisis

It can be intimidating talking to someone who is going through a mental health crisis or seriously considering suicide. However, sometimes all a person needs in that situation is one person being there, helping them access the help they need. You can be that person.

NAMI Dane County Statement on the Closing of Porchlight's Safe Haven Program

Though providing the necessary aid for homeless persons with severe mental illness is not always an easy task, it’s one that we cannot abandon. We encourage public officials and the community to explore all options that may help Safe Haven continue serving some of our most vulnerable citizens.

How NAMI Basics Helps Parents Cope With Their Child's Mental Illness

One participant described her experience: “I learned about community resources that could help both my child and I. I came to accept that mental illness is a chronic brain disease that no one caused and that there were ways to have this challenge and lead a happy, fulfilling life. While gaining hope, I learned that I do not need to face this alone and will benefit from the available supports.”

NAMI Dane County Hosts Multicultural Event in Observance of July Multicultural Mental Health Month

There are still significant barriers to obtaining high quality mental health services for multicultural communities. Keeping this in mind, NAMI Dane County and WEA Trust hosted an event that brought together Dane County leaders to talk about challenges and future directions.

Challenging Multicultural Mental Health Disparities: An Interview with Earlise Ward

African-Americans are experiencing depression at the same rate as Caucasians, but ... they are not seeking mental health services at the rate they’re experiencing those issues. They are suffering in silence.

NAMI Dane County Executive Director Visits Washington D.C. to Urge Congress to Protect Mental Health Care

“I was thrilled to join other mental health advocates from across the country to use our voice to tell Congress how important it is to fight to protect important mental health coverage that helps people with mental illness get better and stay better.”