5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer with NAMI Dane County

By: Kaitlyn Mellom, Program Coordinator

Volunteering with any organization or agency can be a fulfilling experience that gives you an opportunity to partake in activities and events that align with your interests, as well as make connections in the community. It can also be a way to learn new skills or build on existing knowledge. Regardless of the spark that ignited your interest in seeking out volunteering opportunities, here are 5 reasons why volunteering with NAMI Dane County is a great idea:

  1. Your Time Helps Further the Mission of NAMI. Whether it’s facilitating support groups, attending a resource fair to share information, advocating for others that live with mental health conditions, helping organize events, etc; there are always opportunities available that you can get involved with. We are so thankful to those who donate their time to help NAMI Dane County continue our mission of providing education, support, and advocacy for people affected by mental illnesses.
  2. You Can Give Back. NAMI Dane County is proud to have a number of programs and support groups that benefit individuals living with mental illness and their loved ones in the community. Regardless of whether you personally have participated in our programs or if they have benefited a family member, volunteering can give you the chance to help those who really benefit from and enjoy our programs, and it may even inform you of programs you did not know were out there.
  3. You Can Find Something That Interests You. Aside from the ever present need for volunteers, there is also a wide variety of activities that our volunteers can do. From speaking with high school classes about mental health awareness to categorizing our in-house library, there is bound to be something that interests you. We also welcome suggestions on tasks and activities that can be worked on.
  4. You May Learn New Skills. Volunteering can also be an opportunity to practice skills such as communication, organization, and teamwork. Not to mention that volunteer work and the skills you learn always look good on a resumé! Depending on the role, volunteers will have the opportunity to partake in training and educational opportunities aimed at helping you transition seamlessly into your role.
  5. You Can Make a Difference! It is because of our volunteers that we are able to continue to grow our organization by holding educational programs and support groups, attending resource fairs, and advocating for those who are affected by mental illness. Even if you have not personally benefited from the work of NAMI Dane County, your passion for mental health awareness will positively impact our community. Our volunteers are the core of NAMI Dane County and we are always grateful for any help they offer.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities at NAMI Dane County or to fill out an application to become a volunteer, click here. By committing to NAMI, you will be given the tools and the proper training needed to nurture your passion for mental health and become a proper advocate for mental health and illness in our community!