Recovery Bag Project

NAMI Dane County is committed to creating a culture that is smart and informed about mental illness and suicide prevention. In honoring that goal, we developed the Recovery Bag Project that ensures individuals experiencing mental health challenges have access to resources and tools they can use to better manage their mental health.

Recovery bags are a therapeutic toolkit specially designed to help individuals manage their illness and gain healthy coping strategies during emotionally trying times. The bag is filled with sensory items used to de-escalate mental health crises and includes educational materials that link individuals to community resources, as well as NAMI Dane County peer support programs.

These bags are intended for people living in recovery, those coming out of inpatient psychiatric units, and individuals being released from the Dane County jail. If you or your organization would like recovery bags to hand out to those you work with, please fill out the order request form below and we'll be happy to deliver them to you.

Suggested donation of $5/per bag for all agencies and organizations excluding county school districts. 

Recovery Bag Order Form

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