Resources for Children, Youth, and Young Adults

The following resources were developed by NAMI with input from NAMI's Young Adult Advisory Board.



One in five youth and young adults live with a mental health condition. This fact sheet educates readers about the ten common warning signs of mental illness, what to say to someone you are worried about, and what to do if you or a friend need help.



This fact sheet provides tips on finding the right specialist, how to make your first appointment count, what questions to ask, ways to stay engaged in your treatment plan, and wellness strategies to incorporate into your daily life.


how to help a friend

When a friend is in need we don't always know where to go or what to do to get them help. This fact sheet reviews the 10 common warning signs, conversation starters, ways to offer support, and what you can say to your friend.

Other resources for CHILDREN/Youth/Young Adults

The links below offer information that may be relevant to youth/young adults. These links are not endorsed by NAMI Dane County but are separate organizations.

Local Resources

  • Briarpatch youth services- Free crisis intervention, counseling and respite care for at-risk teens. The help line can be reached at (608)-251-1126 or at (800)-798-1126 to check for bed availability at their shelter for runaways or homeless teens
  • Journey Mental Health Center, their child and adolescent services provides treatment and intervention options.
  • Project Face Kids- Mental health group services provided to children for area schools
  • For additional information, visit either the Dane County Department of Human Services or the Family Support & Resources website for an extensive list of youth/young adult mental health services

National Resources

  • The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people ages 13-24.
  • OK2TALK is a community for teens and young adults struggling with mental health challenges
  • Never give up, because you matter. 6 young bloggers share why they matter, and you do to.
  • Change to Chill is a website sponsored by Allina Health to help you figure out what stress is, what causes it and how you can manage it.
  • Flipswitch is dedicated to helping teens & 20s understand depression and bipolar disorder. Are YOU ready to connect?
  • HBO can answer questions about addiction.
  • is an online community designed to empower young adults. It provides information and support for young adults living with mental illnesses.

Need to talk but don't feel like talking? Try TXT4Life: Text "Life" to 61222